Source: VNU Exhibitions Asia
Publish Date: 12/15/2020

The new realities of a post-pandemic world have changed our way of living, socializing, and working. The challenges of 2020 have driven the industry to learn new technologies and create new business operations. Communication has become more digital, as have the business of sourcing, developing new products, purchasing, selling, and servicing customers. Today, businesses must adapt to the new realities in order to compete and survive.


The magic of a real handshake has irreplaceable value, but every business now needs new ways to find suitable partners and solutions that can help you grow your business. 

R+T Asia has developed new online solutions that help you connect with new business opportunities—from existing partners and new companies.


For visitors who are unable to attend R+T Asia 2021, as well as those who will visit our show in March 2021, we have prepared innovative opportunities to connect with exhibitors:


Online Exhibitor Sessions are promotional and informative broadcasts that will take place online, during R+T Asia 2021. Organized by product category, these sessions feature 10-15-minute videos from exhibitors, showcasing their flagship products and services for international partners.


This is excellent and efficient way to get knowledge of key products and suppliers in your desired product categories.


You simply need to decide which product categories are important to you, book the time(s) when these product categories will be broadcast, the turn on your computer/tablet/smartphone, and sit back and watch what our extraordinary exhibitors have prepared for you.


The agenda and links for these Online Exhibitor Sessions will be provided before the show. Stay tuned!


Virtual Booth Tours


Just as we can’t wait to host our exhibitors on-site, our exhibitors are also excited to show you a concise online presentation of their best products and services, directly from their booths at R+T Asia 2021.


The Virtual Booth Tour is the only chance to taste the magic of the trade show from a distance. We will take you on a guided tour to the most interesting booths. We will visit cutting-edge exhibits and talk with exhibitors about the current market situation and trends, streaming this valuable information to you directly from these booths.


The full agenda (with exhibitor names, product categories, time, and day) and a link to watch the Virtual Booth Tour will be provided before the show. Stay tuned!


Virtual Factory Tour


How many factories did you want to visit over the last few years but never got there? The year 2020 stopped many of these tours, but we understand how important it is to see production plants from companies that are important to you.


For the first time, we have developed a solution that will help you when traveling is difficult.

After the show, we will tour some of our important exhibitors’ production plants, and we will provide a live video stream of their on-site operations.


Just like an in-person factory tour, our exhibitors will lead you through these virtual tours of their factories. These guided tours will be streamed in real time, to let you see their actual production lines, as they are happening.

Every tour will be announced in advance. Don’t miss out! Follow our official social media sites on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and subscribe to our e-newsletter today.


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