Matchmaking Event

Source: VNU Exhibitions Asia
Publish Date: 12/15/2020

 Join the greatest matchmaking session in R+T Asia's history!


R+T Asia will connect you with people who can help you grow your business.

                                                     When: March 24-25, 2021


                                                     Method: pre-arranged video calls (by Zoom)

                                                     Benefits:Yes, we offer!

The Matchmaking Event is a great opportunity for overseas buyers to meet new and trusted Chinese suppliers without any of the hassles of travel.


This is a 2-day online event, when international buyers will have a chance to meet selected exhibitors of R+T Asia 2021. On March 24-25, 2021, selected buyers and exhibitors will meet in pre-arranged video calls.

R+T Asia’s team will arrange meeting schedules for all Matchmaking Event attendees.

These meetings will be based on participant-supplied information. The meeting schedule includes:


  • Name of exhibitor(s) and representative(s) you will meet

  • List of products offered by exhibitor(s)

  • Date and time of your meeting(s)

  • Link to your virtual meeting room(s) where the meeting(s) will be held

Benefits for qualified buyers:

  • Complimentary 3 nights’ lodging at a 4-star hotel close to the show
    during R+T Asia 2022

  • An invitation to the Hosted Buyer program on-site at R+T Asia 2022

  • VIP badge for direct access through the VIP show entrance        

  • VIP Lounge with free WiFi and drinks/coffee bar

  • Complimentary lunch coupon for each show day

  • Free show directory

  • City guide/map and pre-paid metro/taxi ticket (50 RMB)

  • Access to a variety of conferences and events


You are eligible to be a Hosted Buyer if you are:

  • A senior-level decision-maker with international purchasing responsibility.  

  • A finished- or semi-finished products manufacturer, import/export trader,

  • A buyer who purchases for sun shading systems and related accessories,
    fittings, components, fabrics, drive & control systems, machinery,
    and/or door & gate systems and related accessories, fittings, control & operators.

How to join:

  • Apply for the Matchmaking Event program by completing the following Application
    Form by March 4, 2021.  Applications sent after this date cannot be considered.

  • We will confirm your qualification until March 12, 2021

  • Guarantee to be prompt for your appointment(s).

  • Have a computer with a microphone, camera, and access to the internet.

  • Follow your e-meeting schedule: just click your appointment link(s) as indicated
    in your schedule.



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Tell us what or who are you looking for, and let us find the best solutions for you!

 The number of places available is limited. Be sure to apply now before all places are taken!


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